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How to Easily Convert Airtime to Cash 2022

 Here are the best techniques for changing your Airtime over to Cash In 2022, this strategies are quick and simple to use, with the below guide, you can trade any amount of your airtime to cash in available to your account very quickly.

Sometimes, you can have a lot of airtime available on your account balance and you must be thinking if it is possible to convert all to cash. There are a lot of reasons which can make you have more than enough airtime on your line either from your friends, family, a competitions which in turn later pay you in airtime, a mistakenly over recharged from bank or any other reason.

Whichever one, and you must have been looking for how to convert them all except you look for someone who needed that amount of airtime which later pay you back in cash. Which can be stressful in finding someone. Then you are here in the right place

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We now have a solution to that, in this post I'll be giving a complete guide on the various methods and platforms which will help you convert your Airtime to cash.

Instructions on How to Convert Your Airtime to Cash In 2022

I'll be giving you some working platforms which you can use to convert your Airtime to cash.


Cheetahpay is one of the functioning platform which you can use to exchange your airtime to cash. They are fast and swift. Withdrawal is usually processed in shortest time less than 5min.

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Great features of Cheetahpay pay is that you don't need to create an account to convert your money as you can use the Quick Cash option and your money will be delivered directly to your bank account.


Convert Airtime To Cash using Cheetahpay

Step 1:

1.Quick Cash: The Quick Cash option let you exchange your airtime without needing to creating account or signing up with Cheetahpay.

What you need to do is to click on this link then drop down the Airtime on the network you want to convert and Bank details. In less than 5min your money will be processed and conveyed to your bank account.

Step 2:

This technique requires you to create an account with Cheetahpay with this, you can recharge multiple airtime cards and also keep record of all your payment transactions


Aimtoget is one of the platform which you can also use to convert your Airtime to cash. You can convert your Airtime in less than 3-5min. You can also use the automated method for withdrawal.

There minimum and maximum transaction daily limit is between (200-900,00)

Download Aimtoget App

Instructions to convert Airtime To Cash

  1. Visit Aimtoget Official Website.
  2. Register or sign in the Aimtoget official website.
  3. Go to “Fund wallet” from there, then select airtime option.
  4. After that, a number will be displayed to you.r
  5. Transfer the airtime to it.
  6. Finally Confirm transfer.u
  7. Your Aimtoget wallet will be credited not less than 3-5min.

How to withdraw to your bank account

To withdraw your converted airtime balance which is in cash on your Aimtoget wallet balance.

  • From the website or the Aimtoget mobile app go to Withdraw.e
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Now, select the bank you want to withdraw to or if you haven't added your bank account before just input your bank details.
  • Lastly, Complete withdrawal


To use AirtimeFlip to convert your Airtime to cash. You need to sign up and fund the amount of the Airtime you want to convert to cash. And your wallet will be credited within some few minutes.

With AirtimeFlip it is possible to convert your Airtime to cash to your bank account without delay.

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AirtimeFlip boast to be the quickest Airtime converter in Nigeria with almost 99% automated exchange.

Airtimeflip charge 18% expense on each MTN airtime exchange. For example you will get ₦ 820 into your wallet account on the off chance that you convert ₦ 1000 MTN airtime.

However the charges varies from one network to another network's. For MTN is 18%, Airtel is 20%, 25% for 9Mobile and for Glo is 30%.

Download Airtimeflip App

Note: On all the platform there is little charge fee to covert the Airtime so do well to read there terms, service fee e.t.c

So that's all if you have any question let us know in the comment box 



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