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How To Expand A Shortened Url Best Method

A URL shortener compresses a long link into a shorter one. This offers a catchy, typeable link that is helpful for use or in a situation when a hyperlink isn't possible.

The issue with URL shorteners is that they conceal the real link until the user clicks on it, which can lead to different disturbing ads, making it difficult from the perspective of network security to verify whether it is safe.

I noticed a number of people who wish to know the real original link behind a shortened url but don't know how to go about it; that's what made me decide to write this article.

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If you're wondering why people use url shorteners to compress a link before dispatching them, the answer is simple. The usage of url shorteners comes with a number of benefits, but people often abuse them, which has compromised everything and as caused many internet users to avoid any shortened links they encounter.

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To know the real link that was shortened even without clicking on the link, I decided to drop this detailed guide on how to expand a shortened url. This process doesn't take a long period of time, you can get to know a shortened url link with this best method. Let's get along without wasting much time.

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How to Expand Any Shortened Url to Know The Real Link

  1. Copy your targeted shortened url.
  2. Now, go to checkshorturl
  3. When you get to the site, a box will be displayed  you.
  4. Paste the Shortened Url you previously copied into the box, and then click the expand button as seen in the image below.

  5. Your long shortened url will be displayed to you in no time! Just as seen below, the shortened url information will also be shown to you like this.

  6. Now, you will be able to expand any shortened url without stress.

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