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PrimeTechs Online Blank Text or Character Code

There are many ways to amaze your friends online. An empty comment or blank text is one of the trick to surprise them. 

On your social media, you may have noticed that your friend posted an an empty comment on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and wondering how it is made.

It's not a big thing as you may think. And you don't need to be an expert coder or hacker before you can post a blank comment or character. What you just need is to copy and paste the invisible code using our online invisible code generator.

Using our online invisible code you can use it to prank your friends on your social media. 

What exactly is an invisible character?

A blank character can be copied and pasted just like other characters. After copying, you can past it anywhere. In a text field, comments, status, social media, email e.t.c 

You can even use our online invisible character to send text like below screenshot.

Since it's one of the Unicode character, all computerized software or sites can detect it as a character. As a result, you can send a blank status or comment on your WhatsApp, Facebook or even set a nickname using our online invisible character.

How To Copy Blank Text using our online invisible generator

All you need is just a click, just tap on the “Copy Text” button below and your invisible text will be copied to your clipboard instantly. You can then paste it anywhere you want to make your blank comment. If the copy button doesn't work, just tap and select all in the box then copy from there.

Tap to copy code


With a single tap on our invisible text generator, you can generate or copy a blank space character and start surprising your friends!

What else can you do with our online invisible character 

  •  Make a username.
  •  Send a blank WhatsApp message.
  •  Post a social media comment or status with blank space.
  •  Make a Folder with a blank name.
  •  On Instagram or WhatsApp, add a blank bio. 
  • Use as a special character in a password.
Aside from the reason mentioned above, you can copy an invisible text for a variety of other purposes. 


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