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Nigeria Suspends Twitter After The Social Media Platform Freezes President’s Account

The use of Twitter access in Nigeria has been banned in the country, after the social media site removed a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari earlier in the week.

According to the tweet made by the Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Information and Culture said that the government has suspended Twitter "indefinitely" because of "persistent use of the platform for illegal activities which are capable of spoiling Nigeria's corporate existence in the nation."

Why did Nigeria ban Twitter?

The ban was placed as a result of the social media platform Twitter deleted a controversial tweet by the country’s president.

The social media (Twitter) was accused by the authorities in Nigeria for threatening the country's "corporate existence" by allowing "misinformation and fake news to spread across the platform."

The boycott followed the elemination on President Buhari's tweet, which alluded to Nigeria's considerate forty years conflict prior tweet, which referred to Nigeria's civil war four decades ago, and included a very big threat towards the secessionist movement in the south-east of the country.

His administration said on Saturday the tweet's removal was "disappointing", yet was by all account not the only justification for Twitter's "impermanent" suspension. 

Information Minister Lai Mohammed told the BBC Focus on Africa program that

 "The platform was being utilized by Nnamdi Kanu, the head of dissident gathering Ipob, to coordinate assaults against the public authority in the south-east district. 

"This is done always and deliberately without results," he said. " 

The expert group of Nigerian cell phone administrators - known as Alton - said its individuals had been advised to hinder admittance to Twitter. 

The specialists have since said they will arraign anybody found to have bypass the boycott, anyway they have not yet declared any arrests.

A gathering of basic liberties associations says it has documented a case with a West African territorial court against the Twitter boycott, saying it contradicts the privilege of right to freedom of expression. 

It has additionally been censured by some Western nations and the body addressing Nigeria's attorneys. Numerous Nigerians, including prominent politicians, lawmakers, news sites and churches, are proceeding to tweet using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 

A VPN permits individuals to bypass any blocked sites by getting to the web through a protocol located in a different part of the world.

Twitter said The ban was 

"deeply concerning". 

In the interim, Nigeria's national broadcasting regulator, NBC, reported that it would start "authorizing all web internet streaming services and social media operations in Nigeria", said in a government statement.

How to use Twitter in Nigeria

  1. Open playstore or any App store and search for Free VPN.
  2. Download any of the top 5, preferably *ThunderVPN* - Download Here
  3. Open the app after installation and select any server just click on connect.
  4. Once it connects, open twitter app again and you'd see that your messages would start loading fine without any issues.

 Our Freedom of Expression & Freedom of infornation is our unalienable rights to be enjoyed by us.

They can do the much of everything they could do to stop us but we are resilient, we are Nigerians and they can't shut us out.

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