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How To Know An Original Memory Card - Primetechs Blog

 The purchase of smartphones, latest gadget, tablets is on high demand and not everyone of them comes with inbuilt SD card/Memory card. That is you have to purchase one in other to use the smartphone well or to additionally increase it storage memory.

Memory cards serves as a means of portable storage to all gadget or smartphones especially when you want to change your device into a new phone and also want to transfer some data to it. But getting a good one is a big challenge to get due to lots of fake SD card available in the market.

With the high demand of a good quality SD card in the market or in computer village as now make it difficult to differentiate between a fake SD card and an original memory card

Fake Memory cards or counterfeit are quite sold very cheap compare to the original one's, in some very good computer village or in any store, they will even ask you that which one did you want original or ordinary (Fake) lol. 

Now the choice is now for you to select the kind of Memory card you want. But take note not to buy fake ones or else all your files, videos, musics and documents will just wipe off without you knowing.

There are also in some cases whereas you purchase a memory card of either 64GB only to insert it in your phone and discover that it can only take a file of only 16GB or a 8GB Memory card which can only contain files of just only 2GB. These is just a firmware hacks and they are common in practice which allow this to happen.

The production of fake and original SD cards product will keep increasing as we are in the era of Micro SD cards to keep as a portable storage or second storage. Most of these fake ones can come from China or from any other country. So do always check them before you go for it and also don't go for their cheapness.

Packaging of SD card is quite amazing and funny because they you can not easily distinguish them from the original and they are almost the same as the original ones. This only don't just happen in Nigeria but also in some other continents out there. 

Counterfeit SD card are now spreading out in the marketplace, so a lot of victims falls for this. Also don't be fooled by the logo's or package drawn on the SD card.

If you have been searching on how to detect or easily differentiate between a fake Memory card and an original SD card, then you are in the right as we'll be giving you a guide on how to easily identity a fake memory card from an original SD card.

How to identify a fake Memory card or SD card

  1. Serial Number: A serial number is a unique number that is put on a product which is used as a means of identification. To easily identify a fake SD card, always check the serial number if it is the same as the one written on it. Don't just only look at the picture (Both the fake and original looks the same)
  2. Labels: Labels are company brand or trademarks attached to the materials produced by the company for identification. If the label on a memory card is stamped poorly or it as a low print quality. Then probably you are buying a fake SD card. 
  3. Colors and Designs: An appearance of an object to easily identify it. Colors are also very important in SD card designs, before you purchase any memory card do check the design of it.  You can also compare it with other SD card and if possible to have the original with you, and if the color is poorly printed on it or it is lighter to each other, then there is a chance that you are buying a fake SD card.
  4. Brand name: An highly marketable name that is given to a product by the company that produces or sells it. Brand name is really very important because it defines a product.   Any Memory card you see without any brand name is a great signal that you are purchasing a fake Micro SD card. So always check the brand name properly to avoid stories that touch the heart.
  5. Packaging: Another thing you should check for is the packaging. Before you buy it do check it's package name i.e SanDisk, Samsung Kingston e.t.c If they don't contain any information about the card capacity then you are into purchase of a fake SD card.
  6. Full Format: Make a full format on the SD card. A full Memory card format will perform a thorough deep scannig and writing on the card.  And if you receive an error after the full format i.e Format SD card, or if the full format fail then you must have purchased a fake Micro SD card.
  7. Price: Almost everyone fall for these, these is one of the reasons why some get to buy a fake Memory card because of the price. Price matters when purchasing an original SD card. You can't expect an original Memory card to be very that cheaper.         Once you purchase an SD card because it is very cheaper than the rest then there is a chance that you are buying a fake Memory card.

How To Detect A Fake Memory Card Using SD Insight

Another simple way to detect a fake Memory card is by using an App called SD Insight. SD insight is a fast and free application which uses your SD to provide all information about it in including the manufacturer, the serial number, date e.t.c within a seconds

  1. Download SD insight App from Playstore - Download Here
  2. Insert the Memory card into your device after you've Installed the App.
  3. Now, open the SD insight App.
  4. Your SD card information will be displayed to you within some seconds. It will display to you in details such as the manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, product name and serial number.
  5. You can also check out the validation of the memory card from the menu button against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate which can also be viewed with this app (e.g. Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10).
  6. NOTE: SD Insight app is not compatible with some new Android 7.0+ devices.

So once you are in any store to purchase a new SD card, collect it for testing, then you can use the above method to test if it is an original working Memory card.

It is also very advisable to always purchase smartphones, gadgets, accessories such as Memory cards from a well known shop or store.

Do not go for the cheaper ones which are sold on the streets or on the road by hawkers. There is a great possibility that it might be a fake SD card. Remember a counterfeit SD card won't do you any good and you also stand a risk of losing all your files and documents in just a blink of eyes.

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