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10 Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Laptop

There are a lot of laptops now available in the market which varies in different size and shape, CPU, e.t.c with some additional features and specifications. Almost everyone has a laptop for business or for private use, irrespective of what it is used for.

Purchasing a new laptop is not that easy because it all deals with your budget. There are some important factors to consider before getting a new one. We have a lot of big companies which produce laptops where we have the Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, Lenovo e.t.c with their different kind of specifications. You can just walk into any store or shop to get yours. .

Before getting one, you have to focus on your budget and your choice. You can't compare the kind of laptop used by large scale business with a small scale business, so budget matters.

In today's article, we'll go through some important factors to consider before buying a new laptop.

Major factors to consider before buying a new laptop

1. Budget

This is really important, you can't just walk into any store without any budget or plan of what you want to buy and after choosing the kind of laptop of your choice only for the price to be more higher than what you have.

So you have to keep a budget of whatever you want to purchase so as to avoid leaving necessary and important items which are on your budget list. Therefore, just choose the kind of laptop which best fit your budget and doesn't limit your power.

2. Size

Size matters, when it comes to choosing laptop. Before you check any other thing, firstly look at how portable the laptop is which suite you.

Every laptop have different display sizes which can range from 11 to 12 inches, 13 to 14 inches and upward. You just have to figure out the one which best fit you.

Like the Ultrabook they have a lightweight design, smaller screen size and thin. And they are portable which can fit into your laptop bag or your backpack, you can look out for them. Or you can also go for those with 12.5 inches and 14 inches, depending on your choice.

3. RAM 

We can't compare the Size or the RAM (Random Access Memory) together, Size can have a limit and must be portable for the users anywhere but for RAM the higher the RAM of a laptop the higher the speed and performance. When your laptop as a low RAM it will really affect the performance especially if you are the type which uses the laptop for a lot of things i.e video editing, photo editing, gaming, browsing e.t.c 

RAM can also be easily upgraded expecially in some modern laptops and very cheap.

Your laptop need a RAM of more than 4GB for better system performance and experience letter. The more RAM your laptop has, the faster the speed and performance of your laptop which will be able to access data and applications, running smoothly at any time. 4GB or 8GB can be the minimum, if you are a power or gaming user you can go for 16GB or 32GB.

4. Battery

A good battery is needed in order to power up your laptop and keeps it running. The battery life of a laptop depends on how you use it. Like the screen brightness, screen resolution, the type of applications or program you run, the OS and more affect how long the laptop battery last.

A good considering practice when purchasing a laptop is to check out for the battery rating in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The more the number of the figures the longer the battery will last. 

Don't just look at the numbers of hours the manufacturer stated always look for the rating. Some laptops even comes with a fast charging tech. A good laptop should be able to last you 4-6hrs or even 8 hours.  

5. Storage

Hard disk drive with storage of 500GB or 1TB are common these days. But I will suggest you go for those with solid state drive (SSD) storage, because they are faster in terms of speed, runs silently, and doesn't take too much of space.

Some new laptops now comes with SSD storage, with more speed than the traditional hard disk drive. The SSD is faster but every are much quite expensive.

If you want a better laptop which can load programs faster, access data in a short amount of time and also boot your laptop quickly, it's best to stick with those with SSD storage.

6. Screen Quality

Screen resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD) should be considered, depending on how you want to use your laptop. In a full HD screen it will give you a very clear image quality and best performance of what you are doing.

With a good screen quality laptop it will make you feel comfortable and gives you clear idea of what you are operating. So it is best to go for a good resolution screen laptop.

7. CPU

You must have seen some plastered sticker on some new laptops like Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Core i9 labelled on them. The Intel’s Core-based CPUs can't be pushed aside when buying a new laptop.

Processor in a computer is important because it is the brain of a computer system, you can't do without it because a computer operation solely depends on it. Laptop without a processor can be classified as a dead one because it execute all commands.

Core i3 can be found on some entry-level laptops. Core i5 can be found in the majority of mid-range laptops, Core i7 can be found in higher-end laptops with best performance. But however Core i7-based system might quite a bit generate heat from the base of the laptop especially if you plan to use it on your lap.

While in some larger laptops, you can see the Core i9 which they are much more powerful with more performance than those running on the core i7. 

8. USB Port

A laptop must have a USB port where you get to plug in and use some peripheral i.e external devices, mouse, keyboard e.t.c 

Some laptop include the USB Type-C ports, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 but with USB Type-C ports it takes lesser time for data transfer.

Laptop needs to connect something like the modem which allows data transfer with the laptop for internet connectivity which need to be plugged into the USB port.

It is best to have a connectivity option on your laptop so as to be use it for some external devices like the external hard disk drive e.t.c

9. Keyboard quality

A comfortable laptop is needed when it comes to typing or doing other things. You need a good keyboard to perform that, without a keyboard you can't enter information directly into your laptop except you use alternative method of using the mouse to input keys directly from your screen.

A good keyboard should have a comfortable layout with full sized keys, an arrow keys, delete keys and some space. Nowadays we now have some keyboards with led light, this is really cool but it gives you a sense of relaxation and beauty when typing or using your laptop.


An inbuilt camera in a laptop is amazing, imagine in video conference or video chat with your friend you get to see everything happening this is where the web camera comes into place. In most laptop camera's we have the 720p camera which is adequate for a good laptop

In some new laptops they don't put their camera on the fore screen, they attached their own camera below it which allows it to face the lower part of ones face, it all depends on how the PC manufacturer want their product to be. Also in some laptops they comes with face recognition just like our smartphones, you can use them to unlock your laptop without entering your password, cool right!

When buying a laptop go for those with a web camera and also check their locations when purchasing.

 All these above features are important when buying a good laptop and just don't forget to check those which meet your needs and budget. If you consider any other aspects which is important in a laptop, let us know in the comment box below.



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