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How To Turn WhatsApp Disappearing Messages On Or Off

WhatsApp has officially increased the time limit of their Disappearing Messages features on their platform, added two extra time 24hours and 90day.

 Now, users can choose a time option which they want their messages to disappear.

WhatsApp disappearing messages features were first announced on the official WhatsApp blog around last year which allows WhatsApp users to easily set a 7days time for their Messages to get deleted on both chat and  group. This disappearing features is now available to other messaging apps, including other MOD WhatsApp apps.

During the introduction of the disappearing messages features the time limit was only 7days before messages get deleted on both chat and group, now the time limit as been extended to 24hours or 90 days.

You want more privacy, disappearing messages is an option. When you enable the Disappearing Messages features on your WhatsApp, you can set your WhatsApp messages to get disappeared 24 hours, 7days, or 90days after the time your messages were sent.

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These features only controls new messages in your chat. The settings will not affect messages which you've already sent or received in your chat. You can turn the disappearing messages on or off in an individual chat while in a group chat, any group participant can turn the disappearing messages on or off or the admins can change the group settings to allow only admins to turn disappearing messages option on or off in the group.

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The disappearing messages is a choice for users who choose to switch on the disappearing messages. According to WhatsApp, the message will be displayed to people in your chat telling them that this is the default you've chosen which makes it clear and you can switch it off back If you want your conversation to remain permanently.

How To Turn WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on or off

  1. iPhone and Android users.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Settings > tap Account > Privacy > Default message timer.
  3. From there, now select a duration – either 24 hours, 7 days, or 90days.

WhatsApp also made it known that a user can  screenshot or forward the disappearing messages before it get deleted or disappear. This will not notify or tell the user also the messages can also still be displayed on the notification before it is been opened.


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