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WhatsApp Set To Roll Out Three New Privacy Features

WhatsApp as of late just revealed three new important privacy features that may change the way you use the app. Meta's WhatsApp as you all know, provides free texting and video calling. There are over 2 billion active users in over 180 countries.

Users can use the software to send text messages and voice messages, exchange audis, video chats, share photos, documents, user locations, and other items.

More than 100 billion messages are sent and received daily on WhatsApp . To name a few significant shortcomings of WhatsApp, it is quite impossible to conceal from some users, notifies everyone that you left a specific group, and many more.

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With the new updates coming soon on WhatsApp, users will be able to leave group chats without alerting others and choose who can also see when they are online. People can now prevent others from screenshotting "View once messages" which are meant to disappear immediately once opened.

3 New Features To Be Added On WhatsApp 

1. Control Your Online Presence

My Online status is always on, since I kept the app open and my mobile data or WiFi is not turn off unless I'm busy.

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With the new WhatsApp feature, the Online status can be kept disabled and remain anonymous or incognito even when the app is active. I think this features is already available in some Mod WhatsApp apps. 

2. Blocking View Once Messages Screenshot

This feature is awesome because you can send password in a letter or status update while avoiding others from seeing it, even if they were the recipient you intended to send it to.

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The "View Once" feature, which allows users to send images and videos which can be viewed only once after it being opened by the receiver, is now more secure and reliable with the addition of the blocking feature. WhatsApp stated that the screenshot blocking feature is currently being tested and that it will be available to users soon.

3. Silent Group Leave

When someone leaves a group, a notification appears at the bottom of the chat informing the remaining members of the group who 'left.'

Consider leaving a family group visible to everyone. You may be experiencing personal Issues and wish to avoid such specific groups, especially those which you were been added forcibly. 

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With the new feature, WhatsApp is now allowing you to do so without notifying everyone about you leaving the group. Only the admin will get notified.

According to the Meta messaging platform, the new features aim to improve the privacy of online chats.

They will be introduced in conjunction with a global advertising campaign that will commence in the United Kingdom and India.

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This will certainly eliminate the drama or mess of leaving a group, as well as the unavoidable DMs from people wondering why you abandoned the group. This feature really comes in handy for you.

When Exactly Will The WhatsApp New Features Be Added

WhatsApp's new privacy features will be available very soon.

WhatsApp has stated that these features are still being tested and are not yet available on the app, so don't be disappointed or frustrated if you can't find them.

We're willingly waiting for these new features to go live because these features will surely improve your WhatsApp experience as well as your safety.




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