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11 Tips To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

The problem most smartphones get nowadays is battery life. Some smartphone don't even use their battery life before they start weakening. 

Most of our modern-day smartphones batteries are made up of Lithium and can wear overtime.

There a lot of factors which can cause a battery not to last longer than before such as the brightness, camera, screen timeout, numerous background apps e.t.c that can lead to poor battery life performance. 

Here are the factors to consider to extend your battery life

11 tips and tricks to make your battery last longer

1. Avoid overcharging or overusing the phone

To be exact, the time taken to completely deplete a charged battery depends on the hour of use, the kind of applications, number of hours utilized on screen e.t.c In all you do always try to take a break after a time of intensive use or gaming.  

And also don't overcharge, some smartphone are smart enough to stop taking a charge once full, so the remaining is just topping!

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But the main problems occur when the smartphone overheats, which can cause battery damage. To make your smartphone battery last longer, attempt not to overuse the phone and always take a break.

2. Do not use the phone when charging 

Our smartphones have become part of us and it is sometimes hard to leave them alone, even when we keep them charging. But using your phone while charging it can be hazardous

The problem and the danger attached in using your phone while it's charging is that, when you are using your phone while charging in the process, the battery will be charging at a very slower rate than normal to allow enough power for the ongoing usage. And also the danger is that while you keep using your phone while charging it, it will start overheating, which can cause the battery to explode or make the phone switch off permanently.

3. Avoid using the phone at high temperature.

Always try as much as possible to keep your phone away from high temperature especially if you are walking under the sun and If you must make an important or urgent text or call make sure that you are under a shade.

Your device temperature is based on your environment temperature. If it gets to hot, it can cause your phone to shut down, or increasingly battery drainage.

To keep your phone from getting extremely hot which can case your smartphone to explode always try to avoid direct sunlight to your phone, avoid increase turning up of your screen brightness and always turn off unused Apps on your phone and also always avoid playing games or using the camera under direct sunlight.

4. Lower the screen brightness

Display in a smartphone is essential in every device but it also as it impact on battery life. To preserve your battery life just turn down the screen brightness from your settings.

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Also you can turn on the Adaptive Brightness from the quick settings, this will help to extend your battery life as it adjust the screen brightness based on the amount of light in your environment and also it will save you a lot of stress of manually reducing your battery level.

To activate it just go to your settings and turn on the Adaptive Brightness features

5. Use Dark theme

Some smartphones now comes with the dark features. Turning on the dark theme alongside with the reduced screen brightness will help save your battery life and also extend it for hours.

If your Smartphone is running on Android 10 or later, you can turn on the dark theme features by just swiping down your notification panel twice. You can also turn on the dark theme from your phone settings by going to Settings >> Display >> Dark theme, or Settings >> Accessibility >> Dark theme.

Depending on your device manufacturer

6. Avoid leaving your phone in low electricity condition.

If you are the type who keeps charging phone when there is low electricity, it also have it effect on the battery life. Low condition of electricity will keeps charging phone abnormally and most time your phone will keeps charging slowly. Always avoid charging your phone under low electricity current to extend your battery life 

7. Low power mode or Battery Saver

Low power mode, additionally knows as Battery saver on Android can assist you with saving your battery life confining. It works just in a single tap by restricting some apps which runs in the background, lowering the screen brightness, disable vibration e.t.c 

If you are the type who need a lot of power for your phone or you have a lot of activities to perform on your device, then the battery saver is just for you as it extend your battery life for longer hours.

8. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

To extend your android battery life, always turn off your Bluetooth and your WiFi when not in use 

As turning them up on will alawus continue to search for nearby device or available WiFi thereby using up your battery power.

9. Do not use moving wallpaper

We love animated especially in movie or even in device, although they are very good to see as it gives your smartphone some pleasurable view. But they also have their effect on battery. 

So to save your battery life avoid using animated wallpapers.

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10. Turn off vibration

Vibration on Android is an extremely helpful component. It helps you get alerted anytime you have a new notification. But with the vibration, the features uses a motor which draw some power from the device battery each time the phone vibrates.

To expand battery duration on your android device, you can turn it off from your phone settings.

11. Do not install unnecessary apps

If you have any apps not in use consider uninstalling them because not only they take up storage, they uses more CPU thereby taking more power from the battery 

You can consider uninstalling them if they are not important. And if you have important Apps which you don't use frequently, you can consider moving them to your freezer to extend your battery life. Almost all smartphone have the freezer app and if you can't find it just download one from your app store.

That's all if you have any other condition do let us know in the comment box below.



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