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6 Reasons Why A Smartphone Explode


After the incident of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G device blast which occur recently in Indian must have been keeping you wondering if a smartphone really explode.

 Yes a smartphone can explode due to some certain reasons, either from the manufacturer or with the compartments used in making the device.

Although the possibilities of your cell phone meeting a similar exploding fate are slight, it is better to know the causes and ways of forestalling such disasters.

We have gathered a rundown of such reasons and how you might stay away from them.

6 reasons why a smartphone explode

1. Manufacturing Defect

Primary reason why a phone explode is as a result of a glitch or error in the manufacturing. This happen when the compartments in making the device is not properly configured or the materials used is not original or not tested.

Like the Lithium-ion battery that controls and power up the device should be properly tested before it's shipped and also before their usage.

A wrong assembling can cause the battery can make the battery breakdown and, thus, detonate.

This normally happens when the cells which is inside the battery reach a basic temperature which can be due to overheating, or external heat factors. With this resulting to thermal expansitivity of the battery.

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If the smartphone configuration when assembling is not good can make it to explode which can cause a lot of damage or even to the user

2. Physical Battery Damage

A device can explode if the physical state of the battery is not well maintained.

On occasion when a phone drop, it can make harm or damage the battery. This can change the internal mechanical or the synthetic design and the compound construction of the battery prompting to short out, overheating, and some internal battery issue. 

When the battery is damaged, it expands frequently leading to swelling up of the battery, Then you'll have no choice than to buy a new one or throw it away

With present day smartphone, you can easily spot a damaged battery by just taking a close look at the battery case or the phone cover, once you noticed that it is heavy just go for a replacement.

3. Usage of third-party chargers

Almost everyone do this. Charging a device with other third-party chargers apart from the manufacturer chargers produced out. Outside charger or third-party chargers might look the same they can also have the same specifications as the manufacturers charger but the cheaper ones or uncertified ones can make your phone overheat damaging the internal part or lead to bubbles.

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It is also recommended by smartphone manufacturers in their manual inside the device box that they should only use the recommended chargers and cable when using the device.

4. Overnight charging

This is a common mistake most of us make, aside from using uncertified or unrecommended, chargers overnight charging can also cause damage or explosion. We all have the habit of doing this while going to sleep. 

But there is no way you can monitor it while you sleep, this negatively affects the battery and there is much more high probability of excessive overcharging which can result to overheating, overcharging and can even cause explosion.

Nowadays, many new smartphone now comes with features which stop the flow of current after the charging is completed called Safe Charge technology, the power will be off automatically when your device is charged up to 100%.

5. Processor overload

The processor is the "brain" of a device. It execute all command and operations on your device including the running up, camera, music software apps e.t.c of the device. All smartphone have a processor.

The processor can likewise add to your phone normal heating up. Even the most powerful chipset also have thermal issues when multi-tasking or running it up with some high graphic games like the free fire which might cause heating. 

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Now, An original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) which refers to company's that build products designed for end-user have now starts adding thermal lock features to hold the handset's hotness under check.

However, this does not happen in most cases as the thermal lock fizzles then the phone blasts.

6. Phone exposure to some factors [ Heat, left in the car, direct sunlight, etc]

A lot of hotness can wreck a device battery. The cells present in the battery becomes flimsy and unstable which speed up the chemical reaction inside the battery and when such chemical reaction happens it causes a release of oxygen. This gas is caught up inside the battery casing, making the batteries to expand. Increased high temperatures power the gases to escape by exploding.

So it is not advisable to hold your phone under direct sunlight or leave your phone inside a hot vehicle for a long time.

Ways of keeping your phone from exploding

To prevent your phone from exploding or blasting off, then be mindful not let it drop because of the battery and also avoid to keep it away from fire, extreme temperature and direct sunlight. 

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Always use a recommended charger or batteries and also avoid overcharging if your device doesn't come with the safe mode charging 

Also do not try to alter or tamper with the battery.

Hope you've picked something now on how your phone can explode if care is not taken.

If you have any other options which could make a device explode do let us know in the comment box below.



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