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How To Post Blank Comment On Facebook (Status) or Instagram

Have you ever noticed a blank Facebook comment written by a friend or someone else and wondered why the certain comments are empty? 

The solution is straightforward! Because your friend may have considered impressing his other pals by dropping an invisible Facebook comment.

One of Facebook trick to impress your Facebook friends is the blank Facebook comment or blank status!

If you have been anxious to also make a blank comment on Facebook just like your friend, then don't worry as today you will be learning how you can also post a white blank comment or blank status on you Facebook.

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What Is An Invisible Text Or Blank Text?

The invisible Character is just like other Unicode character that you can copy and paste them i.e symbol, punctuation and letters. It is also known as white space or blank text.

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When you post a blank character on your Facebook status or in a comment, your comment update or status update will only show your name and your profile picture in their Newsfeed.

How to make a blank comment or status on Facebook or Instagram

Gone are the days when you use this code @[0:0: ] to post a blank comment, however it is no longer working. 

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The best way to do this is by generating an invisible text with our Online Invisible Text Generator. 

Steps To Post a Blank Status on Facebook Or Blank Comment On Facebook/Instagram

  1. Firstly, generate an invisible text with our invisible text generator (Click Here To Copy Code)
  2. After you've copied it, let's move to the next step.
  3. Open your Facebook app.
  4. From the comment section you wish to make a comment update.
  5. Tap and hold the text field and paste the code you copied from our online invisible generator to make an empty Facebook comment.
  6. Now, click on post.

  7. Your blank comment will be published in no time.

  8. You can also do the same on your Facebook status.
  9. Just tap and paste the code to your status

And you will see your status published empty looking nice! Keeping your friend wondering!

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How to post a blank comment on Instagram

  1. After you must have copy the code from our online invisible generator.
  2. Go to the Instagram comment section you want to make a comment.
  3. Now, paste the code you copied to the Instagram comment text field.
  4. Lastly, tap on send button.

  5. Your comment will be sent looking blank and empty!

Final Word

I hope you find this post helpful. You can also use this blank comment trick on any social Media. Regardless of the device you are using either iphone android or PC.

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Apart from blank comment, you can also use it to make a blank bio or username on your Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. 

Have you been making use of the blank comment on your Facebook or Instagram? Leave your comment below.



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