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How To Power All Apps With Glo WTF Bundle Via Stark VPN

We are back again with a step-by-step guide on how to power all apps with the Glo wtf social bundle.

Glo WTF social bundle is a special data plan that is available to all Glo subscribers which allows them to be able to use their preferred social media sites or app more frequently at a very affordable fee. 

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We shared a settings on how to use the Glo WTF bundle on Techoragon VPN Pro which some users can be finding hard to connect. But now we are back with a new settings and this time we will be using the latest Stark VPN to power the Glo WTF plan.

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Some people, however, don't like the fact that the Glo WTF data plan is limited to only social media alone, as they wish that they may be able to use this Glo social data bundle to power all apps and enjoy internet browsing at a reasonably low cost.

With the fact mentioned above that inspired me to share a new settings on how to power all apps using Glo WTF social bundle. 

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There is no time to waste, lol. Before I forget, this cheat is not SIM selective as all Glo users are eligible to use this plan. Let's go into details on how to power all apps using Glo WTF data bundle.

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Glo WTF Social Bundle Cheat For Stark VPN TO Power All Apps 

  1. First off all, subscribe to the GLO WTF social bundle, you can do that by dialing *777
  2. From there you can activate any of the Glo WTF plan. These plans are very cheap and affordable. You can get 500MB of social data for just N100 naira, valid for 1 month.
  3. After subscribing, kindly download the latest Stark VPN from the link above. Install and open it. If you already have it just move to the next step.
  4. Tap on 3dot icon at the top left corner of the app.

  5. Select 'Import settings'

  6. You will be taken instantly to your file manager.
  7. From there go to download, you will see the Glo WTF config which you downloaded.

  8. Now, click on it.
  9. The file would be imported automatically.  

  10. Now, tap on tweak list and select Imported settings.

  11. Finally, click on the red rounded button and wait a few seconds to connect.
  12. It will connect in less than 5seconds

  13. After it's connected, just minimize the vpn and start browsing, downloading and streaming on all apps.
  14. Enjoy!

Note: Once you exhaust the WTF data, the vpn will disconnect immediately. You can activate it back by subscribing again to continue enjoying the vpn. 

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Additional Information Regarding This Glo Social Bundle Cheat

  1. The amount of data you will be allowed to use completely relies on the volume of data you purchased through the Glo WTF data bundle. This is not an unlimited free browsing cheat.
  2. Since the Glo WTF data bundle is not SIM selective, all Glo users are able to activate it without any limitations.
  3. There are no additional settings for this Glo social bundle cheat other than those mentioned above. Enjoy!!

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